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During the hot summer months, possibly the single largest portion of your electric bill will go toward your air conditioning. As your air conditioner gets older, it may not cool your house as efficiently, costing you more every month on your energy bill. Today, the standard for air conditioning systems is a minimum of 13SEER and may use environment friendly refrigerants. A combination of this two options results in savings and better cooling system for your home. L.A. Air Conditioner is always looking for the best way to deliver the optimal service and equipment that meets your needs. The compatibility of your home size, your lifestyle habits and the size of your cooling system unit could be a major issue for a proper air distribution and balance. It is extremely important to have one of our trained technician go over in detail on the installation and air balance in order to provide the comfort you deserve.


Preventive maintenance helps with the longevity of your heating and air conditioning unit. Service is recommended at least once a year to guarantee your warranties from the manufacture. Service includes checking your heater exchange on heating unit, changing filters as needed, making sure PVC connections are intact for condensation, connecting gauges to AC unit to check that the Freon levels are correct and that there are no leaks detected, and clean coils. Regular maintenance on a heating and cooling units can extend the life of the system and help reduce the risk of costly breakdowns. Dirt in the a system causes it to work harder making system used more energy , therefore adding cost to your monthly utility bill. We recommend regular maintenance to keep your Heating and Air condition working to its highest efficiency. There have been many advances in the manufacturing of air conditioners in the past 10 years—from SEER rating to the addition of clean air products that removed pollutants and improved air quality. If your system does need to be replaced we have a selected only the premier equipment for our customers, however, that does not necessarily mean the most expensive. We carefully match your comfort needs with the appropriate equipment that results in the best possible home comfort.
Services Repair recommended :
Semi-Annual tune-ups on all Heating and Air Condition system
Essential Service maintenance plans
Certified technicians
24-hour emergency service
Satisfaction guaranteed


We work with all insurance companies and bill them directly upon completion of any services LA Air Conditioner provides.

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